Performance Marketing

Often referred to as affiliate marketing is bracket term that covers various forms of online digital marketing that is defined by a clear payable action. Most commonly this is in the form of “cost per acquisition” (CPA) and “cost per lead” (CPL) Other metrics commonly used in performance marketing are CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per mille)

Performance marketing is only method that can truly be described as 100% risk free advertising. Advertisers only pay for results and are able to set clear definable campaign metrics to ensure maximum ROI. Our tracking platform allows complete visibility so advertisers and publishers can see exactly how a campaign is performing in real time.

The way it works is simple, publishers/affiliates generate income from their traffic by referring customers to an advertisers landing page. This creates a win-win situation as affiliates are able to monetise their data lists and websites whilst advertisers receive interested leads and sales they are searching for.

Pay On Performance

Performance payment acronyms explained. The easiest no risk marketing you will ever do.

CPL: Cost Per Lead CPC: Cost Per Click CPA: Cost Per Acquisition CPI: Cost Per Install CPS: Cost Per Sale CPD: Cost Per Download CPM: Cost Per Mille CPR: Cost Per Registration

The Perfect Strategy

We don’t just drive online traffic. We work together with all our advertisers and affiliate partners to help you get the most form your activity and campaigns. Think of us as your very own specialist digital marketing department.


We use market analysis and consumer insights to work out who best to send your communications to. Looking at things like buying trends and how competitors or other similar products fair in the market, we select the audiences that will engage most with your brand.


Once we have decided who we’re going to talk to, we decide how we are going to talk to them. With our expert designers we can create sleek, engaging communications that deliver your message on a mass scale. Whether its email creatives, web banners or social network posts, rest assured your message will be delivered in the best way possible.


When we get a campaign going, we don’t just leave it there. We constantly track and monitor the performance of your campaign from views and clicks to leads and sales, and use analytical information to optimize areas of the project and increase your ROI.


We deliver quality traffic to your web forms and landing pages and deliver leads and acquisitions in real time to your back end while tracking the user through the entire journey from source to conversion point.

Email Marketing

One of the most commonly used promotional methods in affiliate marketing, Email is a powerful solution to reach a wide targeted user base.

When matched with the right data email marketing is highly effective way to generate leads and new customer acquisitions. Massive Ads Digital partner with list owners from across the globe to deliver fully opted in compliant email marketing that can be personalised to the user.

Use our email marketing service to:

Generate high volume, good quality leads

Drive traffic to your website

Increased brand awareness

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Display Marketing

Display marketing is a great way to increase your online presence, promote new products and drive traffic to your website.

Display marketing covers many forms of promotions around the content of a site including banners, video, contextual, pop-ups and more.


A fantastic tool for generating high volume leads through integration into content portals and sweepstakes/competitions.

Massive Ads Digital are able to promote your campaign via customisable co-registration survey paths.

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SMS Marketing

With the rapid growing popularity in smart phones SMS as a marketing channel has seen huge growth in recent years.

Averaging of over 90% open rates SMS is the perfect tool to ensure your campaign is received and seen. Working in a similar fashion to email opted in users receive promotions straight to their mobile phone.


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